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Wrongful Dismissal

Lost your job? Make sure you have been paid what you are owed in severance. Our Guelph lawyers are skilled at quickly assessing severance offers and advising you as to whether you have a fair deal.


We advise employees and employers on the use and enforceability of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. Our Guelph lawyers quickly assess the strength of such clauses, and advise as to potential liability.

Human Rights

Discrimination may be an action or a decision that negatively affects you as a result, for example, of your race, age, disability or sex. In Ontario, the law protects against such discrimination. Our Guelph human rights lawyers can help you enforce your rights.

Severance Package Review

If your employer presents you with a severance package, make sure you know whether it is fair. Our lawyers in Guelph can help you assess the offer and, if required, negotiate on your behalf to get a better deal.

Employment Contract Review

Drafting a clear and enforceable employment contract that protects your interests is one of the most important things that a business can do. Failing to do so can result in significant liability. Our Guelph lawyers can help you avoid common mistakes.

Disability Claims

If you find that your short or long term disability benefits have been denied, do not give up. Our disability lawyers help employees appeal from a denial of benefits. We offer representation to Guelph and Wellington County Residents and will help ensure that the insurance company receives the information it requires to approve your receipt of benefits.

Constructive Dismissal

Have you recently experienced a major change in your job? Has your salary or hours been reduced? Have your job duties been drastically altered? Don’t take these changes lying down. Our Guelph employment lawyers can help.

Workplace Policies

Clearly-drafted workplace policies should be the cornerstone of employee management at any business. We regularly work with our employer clients to help simplify the workplace policy process and ensure compliance. If you are a Guelph Area business, please feel free to contact us to set up a consultation.

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Ferris Law focuses on employment law because we believe in doing one thing, and doing it very well.

At our practice we've gotten to know every aspect of employment law. We also believe in getting to know our clients exceptionally well, whether they are employees or small-business owners and managers.

We learn their history, the details of their situation, and their priorities, in order to truly understand their needs and come up with the best strategy to help them.



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